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The Huge Benefits of Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta makes more than aesthetically pleasing tiles – this material also possesses a number of structural and functional benefits. The primary benefit of terracotta is its huge lifespan. There’s a guarantee with terracotta that they will stand up to the elements and general wear, which is reflected in the huge 50-year warranty offered by Monier in their terracotta tiles.

This is due to the body of these tiles being specifically made to be resistant to pollutants that travel in air and water, in addition to being able to withstand the consistently harsh Australian heat and UV ratings. There are even more benefits, however:

Consistent colour retention

Even with all these hardy qualities, terracotta still retains its aesthetic quality as it ages. This is due to tiles being made from completely naturally clay. This clay is then kiln-fired to temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius, ensuring it remains hardy and retains its beautiful colour for a long time.

Extreme weather conditions

Monier terracotta tiles can withstand the climates of coastal regions, which typically contain salt-laden air and occasionally sea water resulting from breaking surf. The build quality of terracotta tiles also makes them frost resistant and because they are non-combustible, these tiles are ideal for houses located in areas prone to bush fires.

Low maintenance Terracotta

Despite all of the excellent qualities that terracotta can bring to your home, they require little maintenance on your part. Because the roof is made up of many tiles, if an area is somehow damaged (by trees, animals etc), then repairs only require that the damaged tiles be replaced, rather than entire sections of the roof. Similarly, if you decided to modify your house through renovations, or wanted to put a skylight in, you’d only have to address a comparatively smaller part of your roof.

Terracotta is also useful for roof tiling due to its high acoustic performance. The dense nature of these tiles makes external sounds more difficult to hear, making terracotta tiles ideal for houses near airports, railways lines and main roads.

Like to know more about terracotta tiles?

If you’d like to take advantage of terracotta for your roofing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can send us an email with a query or a quote and we will be sure to reply promptly with detailed answers to all of your questions.


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