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Roof – Adds Value to The Property

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

One of the first things you notice about a property is its roof. The quality of the materials and construction of your roof determine so much about the safety and maintenance of your property. A good roof is not just a selling point, it’s essential.

In the hot Sydney sun, cracks, slipped tiles, and weak or rotting frames can spell disaster. If you have a new-build, the foundations are obviously vital but then so too is the top of your building – your roof. To have your new roof built or your old roof re-built, you need an expert specialist.

Experience counts

Cloud9 have been constructing, replacing and repairing roofs for some 12 years. Be it for domestic or commercial purposes, our team are equipped with the knowledge to provide a suite of quality solutions. Colorbond or tiles, roof extensions or replacements— Cloud9 has your premises covered.

Add value to your property

If you are selling or plan to do so, having a quality roof is a huge asset. Potential buyers will have a professional tradie look over your property. Finding a beautiful-looking and beautifully-constructed roof will go a long way to helping you make that sale and at a price you love.

Maintaining your property is vital. The right roof in the right condition provides protection from all of Sydney’s storms and sun, and means the state of your property is such that it avoids wear and tear. A great roof is actually saving you money on maintenance.

You have a choice

Choosing a metal roof using the many shades of Colorbond gives a real splash of colour to your property. The name Colorbond also holds a stunning reputation for both quality and longevity. Additionally, domestic and commercial properties choose it for its durability and curb side appeal.

Service and price

Cloud9 are renowned for quality materials and workmanship. But there’s more to the deal. As a customer you want first-rate service and a price which is seriously appealing. That’s easy to discover.

Take advantage of their friendly staff who are only a phone call or email away. Visit their website and see for yourself the variety of roofing possibilities.


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