Traditional Wooden House


Tile & metal roof repairs

This entails Leak detection / fault finding and storm damage rectification works. We carry out work to both roof types however we only install metal roofs.


There are pros and cons to both types of roof the main reason for selecting metal is the weight difference on the building. Tile roofs can weigh around 60kg/m2 where metal weighs 5kg/m2.


Metal roofs used to be prone to poor sound insulation however improvements with insulation products installed alongside the metal sheets this is no longer an issue. Metal roofs are more durable, fire retardant and require very little maintenance 

Gutter installation

Removal of existing gutters and installation of new gutters. There are multiple profiles to choose from and we can advise on the best suit for your home, factoring in aesthetics, practicality and functionality.


The three main manufacturers we use are Lysaght, Ace and Stramit. We also install stalco continuous aluminium gutters. This can be longer lasting, is more lightweight on the property and as the lengths are rolled on site can minimize or remove the need for joins in gutters which is best practice when installing gutters.

Gutter guard installation

The three key benefits of gutter guard are:

1.) Prevents leaf and debris build up in gutters, downpipes and drainage system.  

2.) Keeps your home leaf free providing support during bushfire season  

3.) Prevents pests and rodents accessing the property.


Clogged gutters not only causes water ingress into the roof, but the debris build up can damage the gutters. The weight of the debris, along with trapped water, can place enough weight on the gutters that they begin to pull away from the house.  As water collects in the clogged gutters the metal gutters start to rust over time. Allowing debris to remain in the gutter for long periods can cause enough damage that the gutters must be replaced.


Installing Gutter Guard is a preventative measure saving time and money on gutter clean out. It's important to weigh up the cost of installing gutter guard versus the annual maintenance cleaning cost without gutter guard . We do not believe every home benefits from gutter guard and we will advise accordingly

Roof painting & restoration

Changing your roof can be costly so as an alternative we also offer roof restoration which can upgrade your current roof to an 'as new' condition for a much cheaper price.


For a tiled roof this would include re-pointing the ridge tiles to ensure the roof is free from any possibility of water entering. Applying a sealer/primer coat and two coats of the membrane paint in chosen colour - depending on the colour chosen there is an option to apply an additional 'nano' coat to prevent fading and extend the manufacturer's warranty.


For  metal roof we will change any rusted screws and tighten any remaining screws, check all flashings are still sealed and riveted as this tends to be the main weak points on older metal roofs. We'll then apply the primer / sealer coat and two coats roof membrane paint in chosen colour. Most common brands are Dulux acratex, Shieldcoat and Nutech we are happy to provide pros and cons to each and advise on which product to apply


Bringing Natural light into the home has never been more important bringing multiple benefits including improved moods, health and wellbeing as well as saving on electricity bills.

There are multiple options and we will gladly discuss all options with you to help you get through the decision process

Common brands are Velux, Keylite, Solatube and many more.

There are skylights for flat roofs, skylights for pitched roofs some with flexible shafts some needing custom made shafts.

Some that are fixed glass skylights and skylights that open, Some manually opening and some remote control opening using either solar or electricity. There is a whole list of choices and our aim is to find the right skylight for you!