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Roofing Maintenance: A Checklist for a Happy Roof

Some might think that Aussie housekeepers have an easy time looking after their roofs with the lack of snow, but truth is, leaves from plane trees and other deciduous plants can block drain pipes and lead to expensive and time-consuming water damage. Your roof protects you and everything in your house. With autumn around the corner you want to make sure your roof is up to scratch when the rain starts bucketing down.

It is advisable to hire a professional to assess the health of your roof, because they know how to navigate a roof safely, and know what to look for – from obvious deterioration to subtle signs of damages to come.

Clean off debris

Debris gathers easily on roofs and in gutters. When it rains this debris soaks up water, which can cause some serious deterioration. Debris has a sneaky way of getting caught in cracks and under shingles, behind chimneys and over skylights.

Inspect the flashing

Flashing is the material used to cover joints and other places water might seep in (usually made from galvanised steel or aluminium). Give it a quick look over to make sure it’s not deteriorating. Seal if needed, remove old caulk and scrub clean the area.

Secure Shingles

Loose shingles can be both expensive and dangerous. Loose shingles should be secured with roof cement, and replace damaged shingles.

Cut back overhanging tree branches

Not only does this stop the branches form rubbing against your roof, but also prevents the possibility of them falling on your house if a storm snaps off a branch or pushes the tree over. Bonus, it also keeps climbing animals like squirrels and mice away from the house.

Book in regular roof inspections

Whether you are new to a house, or have lived there for a long time, getting an expert in every once in a while to assess the health of your roof can help you prevent costly accidents in the future. A $100 check-up revealing blocked rain gutters could prevent a $1000 repair from when the roof opens on your kitchen.

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