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Whisper the word ‘Colorbond’ on the streets of Sydney and everyone comes to life, giving detailed explanations of the new roof they recently put up in their home. Statistically, more than half of all home owners in Australia are die-hard colorbond consumers; purchasing roofs, gutters and wallings from the manufacturer, COLORBOND steel. In fact, the name itself has become synonymous to roofing; a proof of the monopolistic nature that the product has in the market. At the moment, you may be asking yourself, what is this form of roofing, exactly? I’ve seen it at my friend’s place; my sister recently got her new home finished with one. Or perhaps you might have even passed it by as you headed for work. The only problem is that you’ve never really known what it is.

Well, the evolution of the Colorbond has been a slow but steady one. It dates back to 1843 England, when scientists discovered how corrugating iron sheets produced a stronger, lightweight material. John Lysaght was the pioneering company that introduced this innovation to Ozzie, and we have never looked back since. In fact, galvanized iron back in the day was the most ideal roofing material for settlers expanding in the Outback. Fast forward a century and a half down the line, the idea is still with us though it has undergone numerous technical innovations.

In fact, 1966 is the official birth-date of modern urbanized Colorbond roofing in the country. With the replacement of iron with its more durable and rust-resistant counterpart steel, it served as the hallmark that enabled the design of the sophisticated and elegant roofing finishes we see today. It was also the first time that colour was fused as part of the roofing, instead of the uneconomical repainting of the previously used iron. From an option of 6 in 1966, there are now 22 colours to choose from to suite your style.

The reason Colorbond has stood out as the leading roof manufacturer in Australia is because of understanding the consumers’ needs.

  • They provide roofing that mirrors the style of the Australian people.

  • Provide durable and high quality roofing that withstands the harsh weather.


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