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Things a New Homeowner Should Know About Their Roof

Moving into a brand-new home is a very exciting thing – you finally own your own space and everything that comes with this new responsibility. In this blog, we illustrate some things that new homeowners should know about one of the most important parts of their new home – their roof!

Roofs will not last forever

Despite claims from certain roofing materials companies or dodgy roofing companies, roofs cannot last forever. Environmental weather impacts gradually take their toll, and roofs will suffer small amounts of damage over time from a wide range of effects, like animals and trees.

Although the exterior of your house will continue to appear completely fine if well maintained, eventually, a roof will need to be repaired. It is made somewhat difficult to realise this when it is not entirely visible, so as a rule, roofs tend to last between 10 and 15 years. Considering the varied environment impacts they suffer, this can very easily be considered a long time.

Understanding leaks

When you encounter a leak in your home (which hopefully should not be occurring too soon after you move in) it is important to know how to remedy the situation. Firstly, it should not be assumed that where you have a leak in your room is the position in which your roof is damaged – water can travel from a section on your roof and pool in an unrelated spot, which results in the soaking in your ceiling.

It is thus important to have these leaks fixed as soon as possible. Without strictly knowing where the leak is coming from, it would require someone with roofing knowledge to fix the issue for you.

Checking your warranty

If you have moved into a brand-new home, you should have some form of warranty for your roof. If there are problems at any stage, don’t hesitate to have them examined right away. Similarly, if you’ve purchased an older home, there’s always a chance that the roof had been fixed not long before you purchased – it’s very much worth it to find out if the previous owners recently had the roof fixed or replaced. 

Want to take care of your roof?

Above all, leave this kind of work to the professionals – even more damage can be caused by the enthusiastic homeowners who choose to repair their own patchy roof.


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