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Why a re-roofing job is best left to the professionals

Though quick fixes are often adequate to address problems affecting the roof, some situations can be more challenging, and you may need a complete re-roofing. Ageing of your present structure, chances of snowstorms or thunderstorms can all further compromise the safety and security of your existing roof—these are only some of the examples when re-roofing is a necessary solution.

A seemingly simple job, but pretty complex in reality

At first sight, a re-roofing task may appear quite simple. Re-roofing either involves installing a new roof or replacing the old one after tearing down the damaged roof.  But, when you actually start with the task, you will begin to realise the intricacies involved. Instead of attempting a DIY and getting into a situation where you will anyway need professional services to complete the job, you are better off entrusting the re-roofing task to a professional in the first place.

Expertise and experience of the professionals

Professional re-roofing contractors will inspect your roofing, undertake appropriate evaluation and provide you with a detailed plan on how the task will be completed.  Generally, a re-roofing will start with stripping down the whole roof or part of it and then replace it with new framing and materials. Some situations may even call for altogether new roofing and a different structure.

Not the best fit for a DIY

There are so many self-proclaimed DIY experts out there on the internet and after reading their advice, many homeowners tend to conclude that re-roofing is indeed a simple job and spending money on professional help is not a necessity.  But when you factor in the experience, potential delays, weather playing truant and getting into problems midway through the DIY job, you can instantly imagine the mess that you have invited upon yourself.

Understand the complexities

Re-roofing is not only a labour intensive job but can also potentially involve several days to complete the job. When you hire a professional contractor, they are bound by a contract to complete the job within an agreed time. Imagine what happens if you have an emergency trip in the middle of a DIY job with re-roofing. Also, consider that a medium or large scale re-roofing tends to be pretty messy, and plenty of cleaning is involved during and after completion of the job.  Are you up to all these? Do you have the energy and time to handle the task without help?

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