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Green Your Roof for Sustainability

With the push towards eco-friendly lifestyle choices in full swing, it has never been easier to design your life in a sustainable way. Between recycling and water saving, we are given endless options for helping our beautiful planet. If you’ve chosen a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, why leave your roof out of the equation? Many big brands are coming out with design solutions that look beautiful and save you money in the long-term. We’ve collected a couple of the top tips for greening your roof and living in the best way you can.

Rooftop gardens

With many homes, apartment blocks and office buildings opting for a rooftop garden, you can create a patch of green in the sky. A fantastic statement, even the forward-thinking Chicago City Hall and the savvy University of Singapore have chosen an expansive garden to sit atop their 66-metre tall historic building.

Many homeowners are now choosing to install a grassy patch on their ceiling – and some even choose decorative stones, flowers and ferns to adorn their sky-high garden.

And it doesn’t just look beautiful. A rooftop garden will pass on significant savings, providing a natural insulation that reduces the need for an energy-draining heating or cooling unit. And, the more green roofs there are around your city, the better the air quality will be, with the powerful plants absorbing a lot of the pollution.

No matter if you have a pitched or flat roof, you’ll be able to install some green up there. You just have to be smart about what you plant. Even some Australian natives and local grasses for a sustainable touch. And the greenery loves all that extra sunlight up there!

Integrated solar power

It used to be that solar power was just about those large panels perched upon your home. Although environmentally friendly, the huge black panels could impede upon the view and spoil an otherwise sleek and streamlined modern design.

Now, many companies are innovating more sustainable ways of harnessing the sun’s rays. With slimline glass tiles all the rage, your roof can be completely bedecked with solar power – and no one will be the wiser. You can place the glass solar panels on every one of your roof’s shingles without adding any extra weight to your home’s structure. Then, as the whole roof is covered with the glass material, your home will be like a magnet for the sun.

Of course, the solar tiles save you money as well. Even though they may be pricey to install, over time you’ll barely have to pay a cent for any of your electricity. Plus, as your panels will collect more solar energy than they need during the day time, you have the option of feeding the excess back into the grid. This means the energy companies will begin to pay you for the power, for once.


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